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Crea occhiali dallo stile unico

Mesh wants to reverse the concept of mainstream fashion in a landscape in which the trend matters more than the object and the brand matters more than the craftsmanship. In the first place there are the quality of the product and a tailored style for those who want to stand out and don’t accept the idea of purchasing sunglasses like everyone else.<br />


CRAFTSMANSHIP All sunglasses follow a completely Italian production chain and are manufactured in an artisan factory in Cadore, Veneto. From the Mazzucchelli acetate sheet to the case, passing through the texturization, every single piece is entirely handcrafted.
Mesh undertakes to promote the know-how of the Italian manufacture and the importance of investing in its own country.
UNIQUENESS The customization technique we use ensures that the printing of the applied texture will always be different in every sunglass, making your Mesh a unique piece which can never be replicated.
CREATIVITY Mesh wants to unleash the creativity of those who wear its sunglasses and that’s why it has no prepackaged product.
Customers actively participate in the creation of their own models, choosing the combination between frame, textures and lenses to their taste.
PERSONALITY No hidden personality is our mantra and we hope it becomes the one of those who want to show their individuality and character.
Mesh believes so much in this concept that it decided to never show its logo in the outer part of the sunglasses, because people who wear Mesh make it an icon and not a simple aesthetic accessory.